listen for npm package hooks and report on them to Slack

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An example slack integration that listens to registry hook events on an npm-hook-receiver and posts about them in a Slack channel.

To run the integration, set the required environment variables then run the index file:

node index.js

All configuration is done with environment variables. These are the vars used:

variable meaning required? default
SLACK_API_TOKEN the API token you generated in Slack y -
SLACK_CHANNEL the ID of the Slack channel to post to (not its name!) y -
SHARED_SECRET the shared secret set up for the hooks you'll be receiving y -
PORT the port number to listen on n 6666
MOUNT_POINT the path to mount the hook on n /incoming
SERVICE_NAME used in logging n hooks-bot
INFER_BOT_USER post as the inferred bot user (bot needs to be in the channel!) n -