Module to track all npm dependencies and their corrosponding licenses.

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npm-license-tracker will track all the npm dependencies and their corrosponding licenses in the specified package. The module will generate the JSON file with all meta information about npm packages and copy corrosponding license files in a directory named "npm_licenses". This new folder will be created under the same project directory.


  • Creation of JSON file with meta information about licenses
  • Copying license files
  • Creation of CSV file with meta information for Audit purpose
  • Find Immediate and transitive dependencies


Date Author Description
2018-03-15 AmittK Module capable to find immediate or transitive dependencies.
2017-09-24 AmittK Module to track npm dependencies with all meta information and license files.

Installing via Npm

npm install -g npm-license-tracker


  • Install the module using: npm install -g npm-license-tracker
  • On command line, execute the command: npm-tracker "Path to package.json"
  • To generate CSV, execute the command: npm-tracker "Path to package.json" true || false (default value is false )

Api Usage

npm install npm-license-tracker
var licenseChecker = require('npm-license-tracker/src');
var options = {
  path: 'C:\\Workspace\\DEMO_PROJECT',
  isExcel: true
API Type Description
path string Path to package.json in the project
isExcel boolean For generating CSV file, default value is false

Example of license JSON so produced by app

Alt text

Command line help

npm-license-tracker --help