Creates a local searchable NPM cache. Good for building your own module repo based on NPM.

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Creates a local searchable NPM cache. Good for building your own module repo based on NPM.


  • Filter on custom keywords (useful for when NPM is used as module repo, like in the case of mongoosejs and
  • Customizable search fields.
  • Cache time to live (update cache periodically).
  • Build from local NPM cache.


npm install --save npm-local-cache


Either require the library like this:

var cache = require('npm-local-cache')();

.. or pass in an options object to configure. These are the default values:

var cache = require('npm-local-cache')({
    keywords: [],
    searchFields: ['name', 'description', 'keywords'],
    useLocal: true,
    localCachePath: '$HOME/.npm/-/all/.cache.json',
    cachePath: 'node_modules/../cache.json',
    ttl: 86400000,
    writeCache: true

(see options details below)

The cache is build lazily, so go ahead and search. Search returns a Promise., optionalKeywordArray).then(onSuccess, onError).catch(errHandler);

E.g.'json', ['mongoosejs'])
    .then(function (pkgs) {
        // MongooseJS modules pertaining to _json_
    }, function (err) {

Packages are filtered on keywords first, then based on the query.

You can refresh the cache using refresh() or just let the automatic refresh take place (see ttl below):

cache.refresh();    // returns a promise


keywords: Add one or several keywords to filter packages from NPM. Default: []

searchFields: An array of package fields to do text search on. Legal values: 'name', 'description', 'author', 'keywords', 'dependencies', 'devDependencies'. Default: ['name', 'description', 'keywords']

useLocal: If true the local NPM cache will be used to build the cache, instead of fetching from the NPM server. Default: true

localCachePath: Path to local NPM cache. Unless you changed it will be $HOME/.npm/-/all/.cache.json which is also the default value.

cachePath: The path where to store the cache. By default it is stored in the parent folder of node_modules.

ttl: Time To Live of the cache in millies. After expiring the cache will update on next search() invocation. Default: 86400000

Note that the keywords option that is passed when constructing the cache limits the entire cache to those keywords, whereas the keywords option for the search method will only filter based on the keywords for that one query.