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Enable Vue 3 (compat) mode in your Nuxt project

This module enables Vue 3 compatibility mode in your Nuxt 2 project. It is unofficial and purely for exploring the Vue 3 API. Take a look at the instructions here for more information on how to use the compatibility build.


  • Client-side webpack support
  • Nuxt features: asyncData, validate, layouts, middleware, plugins, etc.
  • Vue 3 features: script setup, composables
  • Client-side vite support
  • Server-side support

Known limitations and workarounds

  • You will need to use <RouterLink> instead of <NuxtLink>

Note: This library overrides your client.js template from @nuxt/vue-app

Not (yet) supported

  • new-style fetch()
  • <RouterLink> in the same component as script setup
  • Vue 2 Composition API (either @vue/composition-api or @nuxtjs/composition-api)

Quick setup

  1. Add nuxt-vue3 dependency to your project
yarn add nuxt-vue3 # or npm install nuxt-vue3
  1. Add nuxt-vue3 to the buildModules section of nuxt.config.js
  buildModules: [
  1. Run nuxt!


  1. Clone this repository
  2. Install dependencies using yarn install
  3. Start development server using yarn dev


MIT License