Filter object by keys

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  import objectFilters from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/object-filters';


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Filter object by keys. For node.js 6.x or higher


npm i --save object-filters


import filters from 'object-filters'

// add filters as prototype to use in all objects
Object.prototype.filters = filters

const obj = {
  firstname: 'John',
  lastname: 'Snow',
  email: 'iknownothing@snow.com',
  address: {
    castle: 'Black',
    region: 'North',

// return a new object, without alter previous obj
const filtered = obj.filters('firstname lastname')

// filtered is now
  firstname: 'John',
  lastname: 'Snow',

The method filters works with:

// strings separated by space
obj.filters('firstname lastname')
// array of strings
obj.filters(['firstname', 'lastname'])
// negative strings
obj.filters('-email -address') // or obj.filters(['-email', '-address'])
// nested object
obj.filters('firstname lastname address.castle')