Automatic argon2 hashing for Objection.js

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  import objectionPasswordArgon2 from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/objection-password-argon2';


Automatic Argon2 Password Hashing for Objection.js Build Status

This plugin automatically adds automatic password hashing to your Objection.js models. This makes it super-easy to secure passwords and other sensitive data.

Under the hood, the plugin uses Argon2 for hashing.


yarn add objection-password-argon2


Hashing your data

import Password from 'objection-password-argon2'
import Model from 'objection'

class Person extends Password()(Model) {
  // ...

const person = await Person.query().insert({
  email: 'matt@damon.com',
  password: 'q1w2e3r4'

// $argon2i$v=19$m=4096,t=3,p=1$yqdvmjCHT1o+03hbpFg7HQ$Vg3+D9kW9+Nm0+ukCzKNWLb0h8iPQdTkD/HYHrxInhA

Verifying the data

// the password to verify
const password = 'q1w2e3r4';

// fetch the person by email
const person =
    await Person.query().first().where({ email: 'matt@damon.com'});

// verify the password is correct
const passwordValid = await person.verifyPassword(password);


There are a few options you can pass to customize the way the plugin works.

These options can be added when instantiating the plugin. For example:

import Password from 'objection-password-argon2'

class Person extends Password({ passwordField: 'hash' })(Model) {
  // ...

allowEmptyPassword (defaults to false)

Allows an empty password to be set.

passwordField (defaults to password)

Allows you to override the name of the field to be hashed.