Connect web components together declaratively.

Usage no npm install needed!

<script type="module">
  import onToMe from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/on-to-me';



on-to-me is a small (~1kb) bare-bones version of p-d.

Like p-et-alia components, one of the goals of on-to-me is to reduce, as much as possible, the gap between "First Meaningful Paint" and "Time to Interactive". on-to-me focuses squarely on that problem, whereas p-et-alia addresses larger issues. on-to-me will, in the future, provide some common functions used by p-et-alia.

Sample syntax:

<button data-test=hello>My button</button>
<on-to-me on=click to=[-text-content] me=1 val=target.dataset.test ></on-to-me>
<div -text-content></div>


Features supported:

Attributes: on, to, val, me, care-of, from, init-val, mutate-event, parse-val-as, init-event

mutate-event is used in conjunction with a web component like mut-obs, which can raise events when mutations occur.

init-val allows us to pass an initial value from the observed element (e.g. init-val=value for an input element) just before attaching the event handler.

init-event allows us to specify an event which the observed element fires, to (re-)apply the initVal.

Features not supported:

  1. Ability to stop blocking propagation -- always blocks propagation
  2. Using properties instead of attributes to define the orchestration.
  3. Debugging support
  4. Ability to override value from event, filter events.
  5. More

Running Locally

  1. Install node.js, git
  2. git clone https://github.com/bahrus/on-to-me
  3. Open command / terminal, cd to folder git was cloned to in step 2, run npm install
  4. Run npm install
  5. run npm run serve
  6. open http://localhost:3030/demo/dev.html


This component was designed to be small and simple, with no dependencies, a kind of "bootup" component that could, if needed, be replaced by a more sophisticated component, like p-d, once the download for p-d is complete. As such, it might be best to inline the minified version directly in index.html (or the equivalent):

<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="en">
    <script type=module>export function getPreviousSib(t){let e=t;for(;e&&e.hasAttribute("on");)e=e.previousElementSibling,null===e&&(e=t.parentElement);return e}export function nudge(t)...</script>

Bare import specifiers / bundling / import maps

  1. npm install --save on-to-me
  2. import on-to-me/on-to-me.js


<script type=module src=https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/npm/on-to-me@0.0.4/dist/on-to-me.min.js></script>