A 1Password command-line client and library

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Build Status

This is a web and command-line based password manager under development.

It uses the 1Password password vault format and is designed to be usable alongside the official 1Password apps.

Both the command-line client and the web client are designed for use with Dropbox. To use them with an existing 1Password vault, you'll need to enable Dropbox syncing within the official 1Password apps.

Command-line Client Installation

npm install -g onepass-cli

After installing the command-line app, it can be run using 1pass <command>. See 1pass --help for a list of supported commands.

Web App

The web client is currently in the very early stages of development. You can access the current alpha version here

Local Development

Local development requires Node.js 0.10 and make. To build the CLI and web clients, clone the source and run make.

The web client is a single page application. The Dropbox client keys in the source are configured to allow the app to be served from http://localhost:8000/webui/index.html . You can set up a server for this locally by running, from the root of a source checkout, python -m SimpleHTTPServer.

If you want to host the web app from a different location you will need to register your own Dropbox API keys from the Dropbox App Console. When registering a new app, you currently need to give it full Dropbox access permissions (though this requirement could easily be dropped if necessary) and enable the 'implicit' authorization flow.