Self-driven workshop to learn OpenAPI

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OpenAPI Workshop

OpenAPI Workshop

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✨ Learn how to use the OpenAPI Specification the easy way! ✨

OAS is a specification for machine-readable interface files for describing, producing, consuming, and visualizing RESTful web services

— about OpenAPI at Wikipedia


This workshopper has easy and clear tasks that cover the most important aspects of OAS.

  • Basic Structure — Overview of the skeletal structure of OAS
  • POST Endpoints — Learn how to define a POST endpoint
  • POST requestBody — Learn about the POST requestBody structure
  • POST response — Learn about the POST response
  • GET Endpoints — Learn how to define a GET endpoint
  • $refs — Learn how to use $ref in OAS
  • Server Variables — Build dynamic URLs for your API with Server Variables
  • anyOf, allOf — Build complex schemas with anyOf and allOf


If you are on Windows, make sure you are using at least version 14.15.1 of Node.js


Open your terminal and run this command:

npm install -g openapi-workshop


Open your terminal and run the following command:



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