VGM converter from OPLL to OPLx

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  import opll2opl from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/opll2opl';


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OPLL to OPLx data converter for VGM files.


$ npm install -g opll2opl


Convert YM2413 track in VGM to YM3812

$ opll2opl -t ym3812 sample.vgm

The resulting VGM file will be written into the current directly. The default file name is output.vgm.

Convert AY-3-8910 track in VGM to Y8950

$ opll2opl -p y8950 sample.vgm

Since this will emulate PSG sound with 2-OP synthesis, do not expect PSG conversion is perfect. Hardware envelope is not supported and noise frequency is limited.

Convert both YM2413 and AY-3-8910 tracks in VGM to YMF262

$ opll2opl -t ymf262 -p ymf262 sample.vgm

It is not allowed to specify the same device to -t and -p option exepct ymf262 (ymf262 has dual OPL2 compatible components).


Usage: cmd.ts [options] vgmfile

  --version     Show version number                                    [boolean]
  --to, -t      Convert ym2413 track to specified device.
      [choices: "ym3812", "ym3526", "y8950", "ymf262", "thru", "none"] [default:
  --psg-to, -p  Convert ay-3-8910 track to specified device. ym2413 and
                ay-3-8910 tracks are converted simultaneously only if ymf262 is
      [choices: "ym3812", "ym3526", "y8950", "ymf262", "thru", "none"] [default:
  --output, -o  Specify output file name
  --zip, -z     Zip-compress output                                    [boolean]
  --help        Show help                                              [boolean]