A HTML CodeSniffer runner for Pa11y

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Pa11y HTML CodeSniffer Runner

A HTML CodeSniffer runner for Pa11y.

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The Pa11y HTML CodeSniffer Runner is compatible with Pa11y 5.0. It will not work with older versions of Pa11y.


Install Pa11y and the Pa11y HTML CodeSniffer Runner with npm (locally or globally is fine):

npm install -g pa11y pa11y-runner-htmlcs

Run Pa11y using the HTML CodeSniffer runner:

pa11y --runner htmlcs


There are many ways to contribute to the Pa11y HTML CodeSniffer Runner, we cover these in the contributing guide for this repo.

If you're ready to contribute some code, clone this repo locally and commit your code on a new branch.

Please write unit tests for your code, and check that everything works by running the following before opening a PR:

make ci

You can also run verifications and tests individually:

make verify              # Verify all of the code (ESLint)
make test                # Run all tests
make test-unit           # Run the unit tests
make test-unit-coverage  # Run the unit tests with coverage


The Pa11y HTML CodeSniffer Runner is licensed under the Lesser General Public License (LGPL-3.0).
Copyright © 2018, Team Pa11y