Parse CLI server

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The goal of parse-cli-server project is to support parse-cli command line tool, providing a simple interface to development and deployment to parse-server and enabling BaaS solutions to easily work with it.

ParseCliServer must be mounted in ParseServer to easily share their config object. The default implementation use only config.databaseController and config.filesController.

let config = AppCache.get(appId);
const cliServer = new ParseCliServer(config, {cloud:});

Run ParseServer with these changes and use parse-cli project to manage your development and deployment lifecycle.

After install parse-cli, set the PARSE_SERVER environment variable.

$ export PARSE_SERVER=http://localhost:1337/1/
$ parse-cli configure accountkey -d
Input your account key or press ENTER to generate a new one.
NOTE: on pressing ENTER we'll try to open the url:
in default browser.
Account Key: MASTER_KEY
Note: this operation will overwrite the default account key
Successfully stored default account key.

$ parse-cli new
Would you like to create a new app, or add Cloud Code to an existing app?
Type "(n)ew" or "(e)xisting": e
1:  myapp
Select an App to add to config: 1
Which of these providers would you like use for running your server code:
1) Heroku (
2) Parse  (
Type 1 or 2 to make a selection: 2

Please enter the name of the folder where we can download the latest deployed
Cloud Code for your app "myapp"

Directory Name: 

You can either set up a blank project or download the current deployed Cloud Code.
Please type "(b)lank" if you wish to setup a blank project, otherwise press ENTER: 
Successfully downloaded Cloud Code to "myapp".
Successfully configured email for current project to: ""