A Phaser CE plugin that brings sloped tile collision handling to Phaser's Arcade Physics engine

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Phaser Arcade Slopes Plugin

Arcade Slopes brings sloped tile collision handling to Phaser's Arcade Physics engine.


Check out the demo!

Phaser Arcade Slopes


  • 24 new tile types :tada:
  • SAT collision handling :ok_hand:
  • Unobtrusive and cooperative integration with Arcade Physics :v:
  • Supports sprites :rocket:, groups :busts_in_silhouette:, particle emitters :sparkles: and circular physics bodies :white_circle:


Phaser Version Arcade Slopes Version
v2.4.1 - v2.4.8 v0.1.0
v2.5.0 - v2.10.1 v0.1.1 - v0.3.2
v3.x hexus/phaser-slopes


Grab a copy of the latest release from the dist directory in this repository and include it after Phaser.

<script src="phaser.min.js"></script>
<script src="phaser-arcade-slopes.min.js"></script>


Enabling the plugin

Enable the plugin in the create() method of your Phaser state.


Mapping tiles

The plugin provides a couple of built in tile slope mappings:

After you've created a tilemap with a collision layer, you'll need to convert that layer to work with Arcade Slopes.

// Create the tilemap and make it aware of the tileset it uses
map = game.add.tilemap('tilemap');
map.addTilesetImage('collision', 'arcade-slopes-32');
map.setCollisionBetween(1, 38);

// Create the collision layer from the tilemap
ground = map.createLayer('collision');

// Convert the collision layer to work with Arcade Slopes
game.slopes.convertTilemapLayer(ground, 'arcadeslopes');

In the case that the first tile ID of the collision tileset in your tilemap is not 1 (the default), you can provide a third argument to specify it. The arguments provided to the setCollisionBetween() method may need to be adjusted as well.

map.setCollisionBetween(16, 53);
game.slopes.convertTilemapLayer(ground, 'ninja', 16);

Please note: Tile GIDs in maps exported from Tiled are always one more than the ID shown in the GUI. Arcade Slopes expects the above parameter to match the first GID as specified in the Tiled map data.

Enabling physics bodies

Now you need to enable slopes for any game entities you want to collide against the tilemap.



You don't need to do anything special for circular physics bodies, just the usual sprite.body.setCircle(radius).

Make sure you call game.slopes.enable(object) after making any changes to the size or shape of the physics body.


Now you can collide your sprite against the tilemap in the update() method of your Phaser state, as you normally would, using Arcade Physics. Voila!

// Collide the player with the collision layer
game.physics.arcade.collide(player, ground);

// Collide the particles with the collision layer
game.physics.arcade.collide(emitter, ground);

Debug rendering

To debug your collision layer, set its debug property to true.

This will overlay the collision shapes of each tile when the layer is rendered.

ground.debug = true;


Minimum Y offset

This feature separates rectangular physics bodies on the Y axis only, in the right situations.

// Prefer the minimum Y offset for this physics body
player.body.slopes.preferY = true;

// Prefer the minimum Y offset globally
game.slopes.preferY = true;

If you're making a platformer, your player has drag on the X axis, and you don't want it to slide down slopes, this should solve your problem.

Collision pulling

To attempt to keep objects on a surface, you can use collision pulling.

This will pull physics bodies into a collision by a set velocity, if it matches the set direction.

// Pull the player into downwards collisions with a velocity of 50
player.body.slopes.pullDown = 50;

Here are the available properties for collision pulling:



If you want to build the plugin yourself from source, clone the repository and run NPM and Gulp like so.

npm install
gulp build

There's also a watch task that builds the plugin whenever you make changes to the source.

gulp watch


My thanks go out to those who made this Plugin possible.

And to contributors who have been generous with their time, talents and support: