A @pika/pack plugin to covert typescripts types to flow types

Usage no npm install needed!

<script type="module">
  import pikaPluginTypedefsToFlow from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/pika-plugin-typedefs-to-flow';



A @pika/pack plugin to convert typescript definitions to flow types.


npm i flowgen pika-plugin-typedefs-to-flow

When creating your pipeline, be sure pika-plugin-typedefs-to-flow us used after @pika/plugin-ts-standard-pkg.

    "@pika/pack": {
        "pipeline": [["@pika/plugin-ts-standard-pkg"], ["pika-plugin-typedefs-to-flow"]]


Option Type Default Value Description
tolerateFailures boolean Tolerate errors thrown from flowgen.
beautify boolean true Disable flow definition beautification.
flowgen Object Pass custom options to flowgen

flowgen Options

Option Type Default Value Description
flowTypedFormat boolean Format output so it fits in the flow-typed repo.
compileTests boolean Compile any sibling -tests.ts files found.
noModuleExports boolean Convert export = Type only to default export, instead of declare module.exports: Type.
interfaceRecords boolean Convert TypeScript interfaces to Exact Objects.
noJSDoc boolean Ignore TypeScript JSDoc.
addFlowHeader boolean true Add // @flow to generated files. Should be used for libs.