Chrono plugin for weekly schedule

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  import pimaticChronothermmanu from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/pimatic-chronothermmanu';


Pimatic ChronoTherm

Manual thermostat plugin for the Pimatic

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This is the same version of ChronoTherm but I have eliminated all the automatic part leaving only the manual mode. For information, read the readme of the ChronoTherm plugin


To include the plugin in pimatic add the device to plugin section with...

  "plugin": "chronothermmanu"

then add device to config.json

  "id": "room",
  "class": "ChronoThermDevice",
  "name": "Room",
  "realtemperature": "$switch.manuTemp",
  "interval": 240,
  "showseason": false,
  "offwintemp": 4,
  "offsummtemp": 31


The green circle indicates the actual temperature detected

The blue circle indicates the supposed temperature programming

When the border of The blue circle is green the valve variable is true

When the border of The blue circle is white the valve variable is false

On indicates that the supposed temperature will be to set manually

OFF will set the supposed temperature to "offtemperature"

winter or summer show the season current


To set mode from API http://host:port/api/device/ROOM/changeModeTo?mode=MODE ROOM = Id of the room MODE = on, off To set mintoautomode http://host:port/api/device/ROOM/changeMinToAutoModeTo?mintoautomode=XXX XXX = minute tu turn to automode(Normal schedule) TRICK: if you want to set mintoautomode to End of Day, XXX = 0.307 if you want to set mintoautomode to End of Schedule, XXX = 0.305 To set season http://host:port/api/device/ROOM/changeSeasonTo?season=SEASON SEASON = winter, summer To change manual temperature http://host:port/api/device/ROOM/changeTemperatureTo?manuTemp=TEMPERATURE