Enable or disable npm postinstall hook

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pinst lets you have postinstall hook that runs only in dev 🍺

Important if your project is using npm or pnpm, you can achieve the desired effect by setting a prepare hook instead. pinst is mainly useful for Yarn 2+ since it doesn't support prepare hook. See


// package.json
  "scripts": {
    "postinstall": "<some dev only command>",
    "prepack": "pinst --disable",
    "postpack": "pinst --enable"

On prepack, postinstall will be renamed to _postinstall (disabled)

On postpack, it will be renamed back to postinstall (enabled)


pinst accepts the following flags:

--enable, -e   Enable postinstall hook
--disable, -d  Disable postinstall hook
--silent, -s


By inverting commands, you can also use pinst to enable postinstall for your users only and not yourself.

pinst also supports install alias.


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