A dead simple single page build tool

Usage no npm install needed!

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npm version

what is it?

A minimal and zero-configuration tool for developing super tiny HTML projects, such as:

  • quick experiments and prototypes — it’s easy to build and deploy
  • student projects — the environment is almost non-existent
  • super small sites — single page portfolio etc
  • project documentation — by using pinto on your gh-pages branch

how do I use it?

$ npm install pinto -g # install the cli
$ pinto init src        # scaffolds the project in src/ folder
$ pinto dev src         # starts a dev src/
$ pinto build src dist  # builds a static page in dist
$ pinto preview dist    # previews the static page in dist

what it does?

Pinto creates a completely static html page from the following:

  • A single CSS file
  • A single JS file
  • A handlebars template
  • A JSON file that powers the handlebars template
  • An assets folder for public images or whatever