Typescript or Javascript client for the Pipedrive API.

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  import pipedriveClient from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/pipedrive-client';



Typescript or Javascript client for the Pipedrive API.


This library is written using Promises, and meant to work with async/await in Typescript.

It will also work just fine in Javascript, but most of the examples are written for Typescript.


This library was originally written as a strongly typed, Promise-friendly alternative to the pipedrive/client-nodejs library available from Pipedrive. Where possible, the object structures and available functions in this library mimic those in pipedrive/client-nodejs, with signatures changed to use Promises instead of callback functions.

From that repo:

Pipedrive is a sales pipeline software that gets you organized. It's a powerful sales CRM with effortless sales pipeline management. See www.pipedrive.com for details.


npm install pipedrive-client


With a pre-set API token, in JavaScript:

var Pipedrive = require('pipedrive-client');
var pipedrive = new Pipedrive.Client('YOUR_API_TOKEN_HERE', { strictMode: true });

(The { strictMode: true } is here for backward compatibility, ignored, and can be omitted.)

In Typescript:

import {Pipedrive} from 'pipedrive-client';
const pipedrive = new Pipedrive.Client('YOUR_API_TOKEN_HERE');

A simple "Hello world" that lists some deals

Here's a quick example that will list some deals from your Pipedrive account:

import {Pipedrive} from 'pipedrive-client';
const pipedrive = new Pipedrive.Client('YOUR_API_TOKEN_HERE');

const deals = pipedrive.Deals.getAll({limit: 5}).deals;
for (let i = 0; i < deals.length; i++) {
    console.log(deals[i].title + ' (worth ' + deals[i].value + ' ' + deals[i].currency + ')');

Supported Objects

  • Deals
  • Persons

To-be-supported Objects

These are not yet supported, but support could easily be added by willing contributors following the patterns already established:

  • Activities
  • ActivityTypes
  • Authorizations
  • Currencies
  • CompanyFeatures
  • CompanySettings
  • DealFields
  • Files
  • Filters
  • Goals
  • Notes
  • Organizations
  • OrganizationFields
  • PermissionSets
  • PersonFields
  • Pipelines
  • Products
  • ProductFields
  • Roles
  • SearchResults
  • Stages
  • Users
  • Webhooks

Supported operations for object collections

TODO: Document this (See Collection).

Supported operations for each object

TODO: Document this (See PipedriveObject).

Operations with nested objects

TODO: Document this


Get 15 first deals using the first deals filter

API Documentation

The Pipedrive REST API documentation can be found at https://developers.pipedrive.com/v1.


To run unit tests, execute npm test.


TBD. We built this at Casetext for ourselves, but we're willing to share with others. If you're interested in using this library, email stokes@casetext.com to discuss.