Easier access to the PipelineDeals API

Usage no npm install needed!

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  import pipelinedeals from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/pipelinedeals';



A node module for easier access to the GET calls of the PipelineDeals API. This essentially is just a wrapper around the pagination that they implement.

It will always return an array of entries (even with the profile.json call)


var pld = require('pipelinedeals');
var options = {
              endpoint: 'deals.json',
              apiKey: 'INSERT_API_KEY_HERE'
pld.get(options, function(err, entries){
  //here you have access to the data from the call

Options should appear as such

  endpoint: STRING, //REQUIRED
  paginationDelay: NUMBER, //OPTIONAL Defaults to 0
  debug: BOOLEAN //OPTIONAL Defaults to false

There is a strict 5 calls per second that pipelinedeals enforces. While the calls are already made sequentially and timeout problems are low, you have the option to add an extra wait time before making the next paged call. Pass in the number of milliseconds you want to wait.

The endpoint for this url https://api.pipelinedeals.com/api/v3/deals.json is deals.json The endpoint for this url https://api.pipelinedeals.com/api/v3/account_notifications.json is account_notifications.json