A simple visualisation tool that is based on streaming

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  import pivi from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/pivi';


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Pivi (short for Pipeviewer) is a tool that simplifies visualization tasks. It has a simple stream based input format.


You need Cairo to create the images. We use node-canvas to create the images they have an installation guide on their project page.

Then you simply run:

npm install -g pivi

Or if you want to use pivi in your project you can use

npm install pivi


The following program generates a zigzag line and outputs it as a PNG image.

echo "polyline (0 0) (100 100) (100 0) (0 100)" | pivi

Supported Commands

All points can be written as a tupel or you can simply omit all commas or brackets.

  • point 1 2
  • points (1 2) (3 3)
  • line (0, 0) (20 30)
  • lines ((0, 0) (20 40)) ((0,0) (40,20)) (draws one line for each pair of points)
  • polyline 0 0 ... 100 0
  • circle ((centerx,centery) radius)
  • circles ((100,100) 20) ((centerx,centery) radius)


You can try ImageMagick's convert. You can pass arguments to it that function similar to our commands. More here


  • Rasmus Buchmann
  • Maximilian Klein