Run mocha, zora, uvu, tape and benchmark.js scripts inside real browsers with playwright.

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Run mocha, zora, uvu, tape and benchmark.js scripts inside real browsers with playwright.


$ npm install playwright-test


$ playwright-test [files] [options]
# or
$ pw-test [files] [options]


    Run mocha, zora, uvu, tape and benchmark.js scripts inside real browsers with `playwright`.

    $ playwright-test [files] [options]

    -r, --runner       Test runner. Options: mocha, tape, zora, uvu and benchmark.  (default mocha)
    -b, --browser      Browser to run tests. Options: chromium, firefox, webkit.  (default chromium)
    -m, --mode         Run mode. Options: main, worker.  (default main)
    -d, --debug        Debug mode, keeps browser window open.
    -w, --watch        Watch files for changes and re-run tests.
    -i, --incognito    Use incognito window to run tests.
    -e, --extension    Use extension background_page to run tests.
    --cov              Enable code coverage in istanbul format. Outputs '.nyc_output/coverage-pw.json'.
    --before           Path to a script to be loaded on a separate tab before the main script.
    --sw               Path to a script to be loaded in a service worker.
    --assets           Assets to be served by the http server.  (default process.cwd())
    --cwd              Current directory.  (default process.cwd())
    --extensions       File extensions allowed in the bundle.  (default js,cjs,mjs,ts,tsx)
    --config           Path to the config file
    -v, --version      Displays current version
    -h, --help         Displays this message

    $ playwright-test test.js --runner tape
    $ playwright-test test --debug
    $ playwright-test "test/**/*.spec.js" --browser webkit --mode worker --incognito --debug

    $ playwright-test bench.js --runner benchmark
    # Uses benchmark.js to run your benchmark see playwright-test/mocks/benchmark.js for an example.

    $ playwright-test test --cov && npx nyc report --reporter=html
    # Enable code coverage in istanbul format which can be used by nyc.

    $ playwright-test "test/**/*.spec.js" --debug --before ./mocks/before.js
    # Run a script in a separate tab check ./mocks/before.js for an example.
    # Important: You need to call `self.PW_TEST.beforeEnd()` to start the main script.

  Runner Options
    All arguments passed to the cli not listed above will be fowarded to the runner.
    $ playwright-test test.js --runner mocha --bail --grep 'should fail'

    To send a `false` flag use --no-bail.
    Check for `mocha` options or `npx mocha --help`.

    DEBUG env var filtering for 'debug' package logging will work as expected.
    $ DEBUG:app playwright-test test.js

    Do not let your shell expand globs, always wrap them.
    $ playwright-test "test/**" GOOD
    $ playwright-test test/** BAD


The config file needs to be commonjs for now, so if your package is pure ESM you need to use .cjs extension.

Configuration can be done with cli flags or config files.

'package.json', // using property `pw-test` or `playwright-test`

The config type can be imported from the entrypoint.

import type { RunnerOptions } from 'playwright-test'


export interface RunnerOptions {
  cwd: string
  assets: string
  browser: 'chromium' | 'firefox' | 'webkit'
  debug: boolean
  mode: 'main' | 'worker'
  incognito: boolean
  input?: string[]
  extension: boolean
  runnerOptions: any
  before?: string
  sw?: string
  cov: false
  extensions: string
  buildConfig: BuildOptions
  buildSWConfig: BuildOptions
  beforeTests: (opts: RunnerOptions) => Promise<unknown>
  afterTests: (
    opts: RunnerOptions,
    beforeTestsOutput: unknown
  ) => Promise<unknown>

Run in CI

Check our CI config .github/workflows/main.yml and the playwright Github Action


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