Pliers wrapper for svg-sprite

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As of 3.0.0, the PNG fallback functionality is removed, re-enabling support for earlier node versions. As IE8 has fallen off most project’s testing radars, this shouldn’t be an issue. It also drops the huge PhantomJS dependency that svg2png brought with it.

As of 2.0.0, Node 6+ is required due to the svg2png dependency

Build an SVG sprite with PNG fallback from a folder of single SVGs.

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Uses svg-sprite and svg2png under the hood.


npm install pliers-svg-sprite --save


Within a pliers.js file:

module.exports = function(pliers) {
  pliers('buildSprite', require('pliers-svg-sprite')(pliers, config))

Then from the CLI:

pliers buildSprite

config should be an object structured like the following example:

var config =
  { imgSourceDir: 'images/raw'               // Directory of individual SVGs
  , imgOutputDir: 'images/compiled'          // Directory for compiled SVG/PNG
  , stylusTemplate: 'stylus/sprite.styl.tpl' // Template to format Stylus
  , stylusDest: 'stylus/sprite.styl'         // File to output formatted Stylus

Upgrading from 0.x.x to 1.x.x

An updated Stylus template is required (Example template in test fixtures)

Hover state functionality has been removed to reduce code complexity, and improve developer control. Any legacy icons with filenames ending in --hover will need bespoke hover states applied on a pre-project basis as part of the upgrade.