Ready-to-use minified plotly.js distributed bundle.

Usage no npm install needed!

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  import plotlyJsDistMin from '';



Ready-to-use minified plotly.js distributed bundle.

Contains trace modules bar, barpolar, box, candlestick, carpet, choropleth, choroplethmapbox, cone, contour, contourcarpet, densitymapbox, funnel, funnelarea, heatmap, heatmapgl, histogram, histogram2d, histogram2dcontour, icicle, image, indicator, isosurface, mesh3d, ohlc, parcats, parcoords, pie, pointcloud, sankey, scatter, scatter3d, scattercarpet, scattergeo, scattergl, scattermapbox, scatterpolar, scatterpolargl, scattersmith, scatterternary, splom, streamtube, sunburst, surface, table, treemap, violin, volume and waterfall.

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npm install plotly.js-dist-min


// ES6 module
import Plotly from 'plotly.js-dist-min'

// CommonJS
var Plotly = require('plotly.js-dist-min')

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