Projmate Tutdown Filter

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  import pmTutdown from '';



Projmate filter to create tutorials and documentation from literate markdown.


Example Section - :::BEGIN Example ... :::END

Markdown between these markers are treated as live examples.

Code Block Modifiers - :::@ OPTIONS

This directive is used to set arguments for next code block with these options

Name | Description

--hide | Capture the code block as an asset but do not display in rendered HTML. --no-capture | Display the next code block but do not capture as an asset.

Include Block, File - :::< FILENAME OPTIONS

Use this directive to include a {{{ Content ... }}} section from a file. Given this file

function Foo() {

//{{{ Content main
  console.log("Hello world!");


Including an Entire File as-is

:::< foo.js --raw

Including File as Source, removing any {{{ Content and }}}

:::< foo.js --clean

Including Blocks

This directive

:::< foo.js --block main --no-capture

results in

```@ --no-capture

  console.log("Hello world!");

Including File as Tab

:::< examples/ --as-tab