Produces Metrics of Pm2 of running instances.little updated version of, any PR is appriciated.

Usage no npm install needed!

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  import pm2Metrics from '';


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PM2 Metrics

Easy Install with PM2

pm2 install pm2-metrics

Or Clone and run as a seperate application

    $ git clone
    $ npm install
    $ pm2 start exporter.js --name pm2-metrics

Open your browser


For Prometheus Config

in prometheus.yaml inside scrape_configs add this block:

- job_name: pm2-metrics
scrape_interval: 10s
scrape_timeout: 10s
metrics_path: /metrics
scheme: http
  - targets:
      - localhost:9209

Grafana dashboard #1 (comment)

PR(s) & issue(s) are welcome
*change host name from localhost on basics where you are hosting
Modified & Working Version from pm2-prometheus-exporter by @burningtree