A pocket knife for auditing smart contracts.

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A pocket knife for developing and auditing smart contracts. Provides a series of cli commands that allow you to quickly operate on a contract, such as:

- getcode <deployedAddress> [targetFilePath] - Retrieves a contract's code from Etherscan.
- split <sourcePath> <outputDirectory> - Splits Solidity files.
- inheritance <contractPath> - Displays the inheritance tree of a contract.
- members <contractPath> - Lists all members of a contract.
- selectors <contractPath> - Lists all selectors of a contract.
- calldata <data> - Splits up calldata into a more readable format.
- blockdate <networkUrl> <blockHashOrNumber> - Gets the date of a block.
- txs <networkUrl> <contractAddress> <functionSelector> <fromBlock> [toBlock] [maxThreads] - Finds transactions.
- pastevents <networkUrl> <contractPath> <contractAddress> <eventName> <fromBlock> [toBlock] [batchSize] - Finds past events of a contract.
- disassemble <contractPath> - Disassembles bytecode to EVM opcodes.
- hex2str <hexString> - Converts hex to string.
- str2hex <asciiString> - Converts string to hex.
- transaction <networkUrl> <txHash> - Gets info about a transaction.
- block <networkUrl> [blockHashOrNumber] - Gets info about a block.
- info <networkUrlOrName> - Retrieves info about a network.
- hex2uint <hexString> - Converts hex to uint.
- uint2hex <decNumber> - Converts uint to hex.
- convert [value] [sourceDenom] [destDenom] - Converts between ether denominations.
- pad <value> [direction] [amount] [char] - Pads hex numbers.
- compile <sourcePath> <outputDirectory> [solcVersion] - Compiles single Solidity files.
- storage <networkUrl> <contractAddress> <storageSlot> - Reads the storage of a contract.
- liststorage <networkUrl> <contractPath> <contractAddress> - Reads the storage of a contract.
- checksum <address> - Checksums an address.
- selector <signature> - Calculates a selector.
- docyul [keyword] - Gets yul documentation.
- int2hex <decNumber> - Converts int to hex.
- hex2int <hexString> - Converts hex to int.

One script to rule them all!

Pocketh is basically a curated list of useful scripts, packed up in a commanderjs program.

On the fly compilation :rocket:

Pocketh uses AST information for analysing contracts, but it doesn't require you to do any compilation at all. Whenever pocketh sees a Solidity file, it will compile it in background. Pocketh's compiler is super handy btw; it can compile anything, on the spot.


npm install --global pocketh


pocketh <command> [options]


Please refer to the inline documentation of the program for a list of available commands,

pocketh --help

or, for command specific documentation.

pocketh <command> --help


If you think of something useful that could be added to the tool, or have an idea, please don't hesitate to create a new issue with your feature request. Or, even better, go ahead and create a PR! Pocketh's architecture is intended to be as simple as possible so that it's super easy to add new scripts. Every command is pretty much a standalone script, with the exception of a few convenient tools that are shared between some of the commands.

Running tests

Make sure that you run npm run ganache before starting tests. Then run npm test.

Note: Unfortunately, pocketh currently requires an active internet connection for some of its tests, since some commands interact with public networks like mainnet and ropsten, and use public apis like Etherscan's api.