Creates or updates .po files from code and templates

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  import pocreate from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/pocreate';



PoCreate lets you incrementally update your .po files as you develop by merging new translations into existing .po files.

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If a key is found in the source tree that doesn't exist in one or more of the supplied .po files, the key is added with with a blank msgstr. Translators can then be supplied with the updated .po files and fill in the blank msgstr entries.


This module is installed via npm:

$ npm install pocreate

Example Usage

var src = {'file1.js': 'gettext("hello")'};
var pos = {'english.po': '...'};

var pocreate = require('pocreate');
var updatedPos = pocreate.parse(src, pos);


PoCreate depends on two great modules, jsxgettext and gettext-parser.

Currently it relies on a forked version of jsxgettext which adds pluralization and multiline contextual comments for translators.