Poem Typography Framework.

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Poem Printing Framework


  1. Store poem in poem.yaml.
  2. run npm run build
  3. generated data will be stored in ./dist

Example (see poem.yaml for source)

Kosmos by Dr. Miou

Who, constructing the world for herself or himself, understands, and in a balance; that it is all of us or none; that we must each strive to live above the common level of life,

Who won't ever cower to switch off; or take the half truth, or the easier wrong, or lie, or cheat, or steal, or tolerate any of those who do,

Who time after time, rose from the ground for the next strike, only to win, by not becoming the snarling beasts they were,

Who deep in disaster never needed names for Restraint, Dignity, Nobility, Unbreakability, Fortitude, Courage, Honor, Love; and Insight; and Understanding; and Authenticity; and Heroism;

Who believes that the wellspring of compassion or heroism; is self compassion, or becoming a hero to herself or himself first,

Who will never stop building, and rising and growing, and all the way up, until the world is; Great Beings,

Who may open gateways forward in time to keep herself or himself together; by later remembering to think back, and keep good company,

Who believed all could leap tall buildings in a single bound, and leaped continents, and worlds, but never losing hard won truths, or treasures, or common touch,

Who will never fall down to gnash teeth, or let her or his tools wear down when faced with an uncertain future that may neither have recurrence, nor ends, or may end too soon,

Who in authenticity can face anything or everything, and by subtle analogy discover and fix problems long before they start, seeing most distant heights to reach as new beginnings,

Who will steady down those who made mistakes and teach them, to guard at the gateways of no return; so that they may find meaning in preventing others from breaking too,

Who will sense invisible prison walls, and claw to tear them down, and survive, and thrive, at the beaches facing the starlight of unfolding universe,

Who by enlightenment alone, can hang on to the thinnest thread, and ten minutes forevermore; make each day longer and better than the previous, shaping time and future; the forging of a destiny,

Who in interpretive dance, neither has pain to be his master, nor is willing face uncertainty or disaster, alone; silently winning her or his battles before they are fought,

Who by awakening, contains all lessons, and adventures, and triumph and disaster alike; and whose heart only grows bigger to contain every fracture or ache, who bows to all that is human,

Who not only sees by looking at content of character but also the full sum of a person's history; and thus will neither falter and fail to liars, nor be taken in by the flawless stories of pretenders,

Who wants the world to know it needs not, its vice and crutch; but wisdom and love only; and once we are free from all the imaginary borders; Wisdom, like gravity will act to converge the Human Family, in Health and Peace, together,

Who believes we cannot be taught and it is up to each of us to seek out wisdom and stand on the shoulders of giants; to inherit and continue their work, and help all the future generations stand on our own shoulders, in return,

Who has compassion and enlightenment for all, and all that is all too human; and will not force one thing to become two for shortcut's sake, and protect the sacred borders thereof.

Who by wandering the world, saw ends in shortcuts and shortcuts as delayed ends; and discovered the only way, and the right way, is the longest possible way there.