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Angular 2 Starter

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Angular 2 is still in Release Candidate stage, please don't use this in production

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Welcome to Angular 2 Starter! This starter contains almost everything you need to start developing Angular 2.

Why choose this starter?

  • Extensible via ngstarter extensions
  • Complete workflow from serve, lint, unit test, e2e test, to bundling
  • Support file-based and strong-typed Environment Variables
  • 100% code coverage
  • 100% CI/CD pipeline ready
  • No global package installation
  • No module bundler coupling

What's included?

Please visit the wiki for more details.


You need to have Node.js and npm

  • Support Node v4 - latest
  • Support npm v3 - latest

Global Gulp CLI is not required, since you can map them to npm scripts, but a nice to have for development purpose.


Download the starter from releases page

Go to the starter directory and install the packages:

npm install


Let's start up the server, run:

npm start

and done! The browser will popup and you can start trying Angular 2! Every changes to the file will refresh the browser automatically and it'll also compile your changed TypeScripts files to Javascript files.


This starter comes with testing gulp workflow

Unit testing

Just run

npm test

and it'll compile all TypeScript files, start Karma, then remap Istanbul coverage so that it shows TypeScript coverage, not the transpiled JavaScript coverage.

Coverage result

E2E testing

Firstly start the server:

npm start

To begin testing, run:

npm run e2e

and it'll compile all E2E spec files in /src/test/e2e/*.spec.ts, boot up Selenium server then launches Chrome browser.


All build tasks will run the gulp test, the bundle will only be created if the test passed.

For more details, visit Continuous Integration wiki

You can create production build by running:

npm run build

or you can create production build and then serve it using Browsersync by running:

npm run serve-build

The starter defaults to bundle using SystemJS Builder extension. There is Webpack extension available too, feel free to swap it as you like.


You can extend this starter with many extensions built by the community. Browse the extensions here


Feel free to submit a PR if there are any issues or new features, please read this before

Special thanks