Keeps your Polymer Elements clean and functional!

Usage no npm install needed!

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  import polylint from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/polylint';



Catch errors in your polymer project before even running your code.


polylint is available via npm. Just run npm install -g polylint from a terminal and you're ready to go.

Installing the Atom Package

Polylint provides a package for the Atom editor for in-line code linting. To install:

  1. Install the linter package with apm install linter or through Atom's package installer interface
  2. Install the polymer-atom package through apm install polymer-atom or through Atom's package installer.
  3. Lint!

Installing the Sublime Plugin

There is currently a Sublime plugin that leverages Polylint available at https://github.com/nomego/SublimeLinter-contrib-polylint


If you want to lint a project in my-project-dir with two endpoints, index.html and cart.html, you could run:

polylint --root my-project-dir/ --input index.html cart.html

For complete usage instructions, run:

polylint --help


Polymer :heart: contributions! Please see the Contributing Guide for general Polymer project contribution guidelines.