Polymath Network Core Smart Contracts v2

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Polymath core v2

The polymath core smart contracts provide a system for launching regulatory compliant securities tokens on a decentralized blockchain.


The smart contracts are written in Solidity and tested/deployed using Truffle version 4.1.0. The new version of Truffle doesn't require testrpc to be installed separately so you can just do use the following:

# Install Truffle package globally:
$ npm install -g truffle

# Install local node dependencies:
$ npm install


To test the code simply run:

$ npm run test

Setting up Polymath Network

  1. Deploy ModuleRegistry. ModuleRegistry keeps track of all available modules that add new functionalities to Polymath-based security tokens. * MANDATORY STEP *

  2. Deploy GeneralTransferManagerFactory. This module allows the use of a general TransferManager for newly issued security tokens. The General Transfer Manager gives STs the ability to have their transfers restricted by using an on-chain whitelist.

  3. Add the GeneralTransferManagerFactory module to ModuleRegistry by calling ModuleRegistry.registerModule(). * MANDATORY STEP *


The polymath-core repo follows the style guide overviewed here: http://solidity.readthedocs.io/en/develop/style-guide.html