mary-poppins plugin for running a local command

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poppins-exec Build Status

A Mary Poppins plugin for running local commands in response to GitHub comments.

Note: depending on how you configure this plugin, it may be exploitable. As a best practice, you should run mary-poppins as an unprivileged user.


npm install poppins-exec


To use this plugin, you need to load it in your config file with couldYouPlease:

// config.js
module.exports = function (poppins) {

  // load the plugin

  // configure it
  poppins.plugins.exec = {

    // regexs to match against and the corresponding script to run in response
    commands: [
      { re: /^\s*LGTM\s*$/, exec: 'echo "merged!"' }

    // users to respond to
    owners: [ 'btford' ]


I think there may be a case where someone with write access to the repo could edit your comment body before mary-poppins reads and parses it so I suggest only running this on repos that you own.

Be careful how you use this, or you'll subject yourself to shell injection.

Your best bet is to only use very specific input as parameters like:

  • a number: ([0-9]+)
  • a string of alphanumeric characters: ([a-zA-Z]+)