An in-memory LRU cache with built-in statistics and proxy mode.

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Popular Cache

An in-memory LRU cache with easy statistics and smart proxy mode.


npm install popular-cache --save

Basic Usage

var pcache = require('popular-cache');
    cache = pcache({
        maxSize: 500,
        maxAge: 1000 * 60 * 60	// in millisecond
    smallCache = pcache(50);	// or simply sets max size

// basic usage
cache.set("key", "value")
cache.del("key")	// delete key
cache.size()		// get size
cache.reset()   	// resets cache

cache.hits()		// get total hits
cache.misses()		// get total misses

// print the most popular keys and the number of hits
cache.popular(function(key, value, hits){
    console.log(key + ': ' + hits);
}, 5);

// print the most recently used keys and the number of hits
cache.recent(function(key, value, hits){
    console.log(key + ': ' + hits);
}, 10);

Proxy Mode

Proxy mode is as simple as telling popular-cache what you want and then you just get and get. Cache misses and concurrent requests are handled automatically.

// some time consuming process like HTTP request
var httpRequest = function(key, callback, context){
        callback(key + ' proxy ' + context);
    }, 1000);
// define the proxied cache
var cache = pcache(50).proxy(httpRequest)
    .accept(function(key, value, context){
        return key.length > 5; 		// don't cache key that is too short
cache.get('hello', function(value){
    console.log(value); 		// hello proxy world
    console.log(cache.size()); 	// 0
}, 'world');
cache.get('longer key', function(value){
    console.log(value); 		// longer key proxy anything
    console.log(cache.size()); 	// 1
}, 'anything');

Note that the value is not returned directly in proxy mode. Instead, it's returned via callback.


  • set(key, value)

    • Stores a value. Returns true if succeed.
    • Updates the "recently used"-ness of the entry.
    • Resets the age of the entry.
  • get(key) (normal Mode)

    • Gets a value for a given key. Returns null if not found.
    • Updates the "recently used"-ness of the entry.
    • Increases the hits of the entry
  • del(key)

    • Deletes an entry for a given key.
  • size()

    • Gets the current number of entries in the cache.
  • reset()

    • Deletes all entries in the cache.
  • hits()

    • Gets the total hits.
  • misses()

    • Gets the total misses.
  • hitRate()

    • Gets the total hit rate (total hits / (total hits + total misses)).
  • memory([pretty])

    • Gets the approximate amount of memory used.
    • pretty: if sets to true, returns the size in pretty format (e.g., 1.064K).
  • recent(function(key, value, hits), [limit])

    • Iterates over recent used entries in reverse chronological order.
    • key: the key of the entry.
    • value: the value of the entry.
    • hits: the number of hits of the entry.
    • limit: optional, the maximum number of iterations.
  • popular(function(key, value, hits), [limit])

    • Iterates over most popular entries in descending order of hits.
    • key: the key of the entry.
    • value: the value of the entry.
    • hits: the number of hits of the entry.
    • limit: optional, the maximum number of iterations.
  • proxy(function(key, callback(value), [context]))

    • Sets a proxy function and returns the proxied cache.
    • The proxy function function(key, callback(value), [context]) will be called when cache misses occur to retrieve the latest value. key and context is passed from get(key, function(value), [context]) directly. See the example below.
  • accept(function(key, value, context)) (proxy mode)

    • Sets an acceptance function in proxy mode.
    • The acceptance function function(key, value, context) will be called after the latest value is retrieved to determine whether or not the value should be cached.
  • get(key, function(value), [context]) (proxy mode)

    • Gets a value for a given key in proxy mode. Note that function(value) is required here to receive the value.
    • context is optional and could be anything that is helpful for the proxy function. It will only be passed to the proxy function when cache misses occur.


  • Adds memory() to get the amount of memory used (1.1.7)
  • Adds hitRate() to get the total hit rate (1.1.6)
  • Adds proxy mode (1.1.1)