Bind to a port and drop privileges.

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  import portDrop from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/port-drop';


port-drop Build status for port-drop on Circle CI.

Bind to a port and drop privileges.


  • Running as root is unsafe.
  • Ports below 1024 require root privileges.
  • Drop privileges fast by binding to a port early.


npm install port-drop --save


Get it into your program.

const portDrop = require('port-drop');

Allocate file descriptors for some ports you intend to use and immediately drop privileges.

const fd = portDrop.allocate({
    http  : 80,
    https : 443

The returned fd object has the same properties as the input object, but with the values being file descriptors. You can then pass these to Node's Server#listen() method, for example.


See our contributing guidelines for more details.

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  5. Submit a pull request.


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