Simple messaging protocol for the posix-socket module

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  import posixSocketMessaging from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/posix-socket-messaging';



This module implements the same simple messaging protocol as net-socket-messaging but in a synchronous manner on top of posix-socket.

Disclaimer Doing synchronous stuff in JavaScript is bad and you should not do it. That being said, if you are going to do synchronous communication anyway you might as well do it efficiently and avoid the horrendous performance overhead of the synchronous functionalities of child_process and fs.


const PosixSocket = require("posix-socket");
const {send, receive} = require("posix-socket-messaging");
const sockfd = PosixSocket.socket(PosixSocket.AF_INET6, PosixSocket.SOCK_STREAM, 0);
PosixSocket.connect(sockfd, {
  sin6_family: PosixSocket.AF_INET6,
  sin6_port: 8080,
  sin6_flowinfo: 0,
  sin6_addr: "::1",
  sin6_scope_id: 0
send(sockfd, "foo");


send(sockfd, message)

Synchronously send a message.

  • sockfd <integer>: the file descriptor of the socket.
  • message <string>: the message to send which cannot be longer than 256 * 2^20 characters.

message = receive(sockfd)

Synchronously receive a message.

Yes, this will block the entire node process up until you completely receive a message.

  • sockfd <integer>: the file descriptor of the socket.
  • message <string>: the received message.