Converts an icon font to an SVG image

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  import postIconfonts from '';



Converts an icon font to an SVG image

Online Version

npm install --save-dev post-iconfonts


Generate a SVG image with,

import postIconfonts from 'post-iconfonts';

const font = readFileSync('font-awesome.otf');
const css = readFileSync('font-awesome.css', 'utf-8');

const svgString = postIconfonts(css, font, { precision: 5 });

Then add icons with,

<svg width="12" height="12"><use xlink:href="/icons.svg#fa-check" /></svg>


postIconfonts(cssString, fontBuffer, options);

cssString must be a string. fontBuffer can be an ArrayBuffer or a standard node.js Buffer.

The options is an object that takes the following:

  • size (number, default 12) The height to make each glyph (shouldn't really affect anything)
  • width (number, default=size) The width of each glyph—effectively defines the aspect ratio
  • filterNames (array, optional) Export only these CSS class names from the icon font
  • transformNames (function, optional) Function must take a name and return a new name (can be used to remove fa-prefixes from icons)
  • precision (number, default 6) The number of decimal places for path data commands—decrease to lower the file size and quality
  • warnOnOversized (boolean, default false) when true, the return value will be { svg, oversizedGlyphs }, where svg is a string, and oversizedGlyphs is an array of glyphs that did not fit in the size/width boundary