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Provides javascript postal code validation for all countries. Supports both Node.js and web browser usage.

Validation rules

  1. Characters " " (space) and "-" (dash) are removed from the input string.
  2. Input is case insensitive.
  3. Supports both ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 and ISO 3166-1 alpha-3 country codes.
  4. Validates optional n-digit extention seperated by a space or hyphen.


const postalCodes = require('postal-codes-js');
const countryCode = 'CH'; // ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 or alpha-3 country code as string.
const postalCode = '8008'; // Postal code as string or number.
postalCodes.validate(countryCode, postalCode); // Returns 'true' if valid, error message as string otherwise.

// All the calls below returns true
postalCodes.validate('bg', '1003');
postalCodes.validate('gb', 'EC1A 1BB');
postalCodes.validate('GB', 'EC1A 1BB');
postalCodes.validate('GBR', 'EC1A 1BB');
postalCodes.validate('gb', 'EC1A1BB');
postalCodes.validate('gb', 'EC1A-1BB');
postalCodes.validate('tr', '33150');
postalCodes.validate('TR', '33150');
postalCodes.validate('TUR', '33150');
postalCodes.validate('us', '22313');
postalCodes.validate('USA', '91746-2302');

// All the calls below return a string
postalCodes.validate('UK', 'EC1A 1BB');
 > Unknown alpha2/alpha3 country code: UK

postalCodes.validate('PL', '9999');
 > Postal code 9999 is not valid for country PL

 > Missing postal code.

Testing with mocha

$ npm test
$ npm run coverage


Contributions are more than welcome, just fork the repo and create a pull-request ;)