Store and read object patches (with metadata) in insert order. Based on level-patch-data.

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  import pouchdbPatchData from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/pouchdb-patch-data';


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Store and read object patches (with metadata) in insert order. Based on level-patch-data.

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var assert = require('assert')
var Pouch = require('pouchdb')
var Patch = require('pouchdb-patch-data')

var db = Pouchdb('patch-test')
var patch = Patch(db)

patch.add('doc', {a: 'a'}, {user: 'lee'}, function (err, commit) {
  patch.add('doc', {b: 'c'}, {user: 'kara'}, function (err, commit) {
    patch.get('doc', function (body) {
      // body is
      [ { user: 'lee',
          namespace: 'doc',
          patch: { a: 'a' },
          // _id is namespaced and sorted by timestamp
          _id: 'a070646f6335007068786c38693434352e30366274390000',
          _rev: '1-92e0f5bd431fb35aef6dbcc509e07732' },
        { user: 'kara',
          namespace: 'doc',
          patch: { b: 'c' },
          _id: 'a070646f6335007068786c38693434352e30376c64690000',
          _rev: '1-66ca124e82aecce68d0a3a3a25ccb6d6' } ]

See tests for more examples.


var patch = Patch(db, opts)

  • db: an instance of pouchdb to store patches and data.
  • opts.namespaceField: the field to use to store the namespace. default: namespace
  • opts.patchField: the field to use to store the patch. default: patch

patch.add(namespace, patch, meta, callback)

alias: addPatch

  • namespace: the string to identify this collections of patches. This module is designed for use with patcher patches for a single object per unique namespace
  • patch: the object to store as the patch
  • meta: key/value pairs to store with this patch. Note: the keys opts.namespaceField, and opts.patchField will be overwritten if set.
  • callback: receives two arguments, err which is only set if an error occurs and commit, which is the patch and its metadata exactly as it was saved.

patch.get(namespace, since, callback)

aliases: patches, getPatches

Callback is called with any error and a list of commits in insert order.

  • namespace: the collection of patches to read. patches will be streamed in the order inserted.
  • since: optional. pass the _id of the commit to read commits since. The commit with _id === since will not be returned, only all commits after it.