Shared Prettier configuration accross Ackee's projects.

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Prettier configuration

Shared Prettier configuration accross Ackee's projects.

Table of contents


  1. Install the config prettier-config-ackee:

    $ yarn add -D prettier-config-ackee

    or with npm:

    $ npm i -D prettier-config-ackee
  2. Create a new file called prettier.config.js in the root of your project:

    module.exports = require('prettier-config-ackee');
  3. Add prettier plugin to your editor

    Prettier - Editor Integration

Usage with ESLint

If you're using ESLint, you want to turn off all rules that are unnecessary or might conflict with Prettier.

  1. Install eslint-config-prettier:

     $   yarn add -D eslint-config-prettier


    $   npm i -D eslint-config-prettier
  2. Then, add eslint-config-prettier to the "extends" array in your .eslintrc.* file (or in eslintConfig object placed in package.json). Make sure to put prettier as the last one, so it can override other configs.

        "extends": ["ackee", "prettier"]

Adding Prettier into existing codebase

After adding Prettier to your project, you probably want to format all current code. Why? Because if you don't do that, then when you create your next MR, most of the changes is going to be caused by the new code formatting.

  1. Install prettier
    $   yarn add -D prettier
    $   npm i -D prettier
  2. Add script to the package.json of your project:
        "scripts": {
            "prettier": "prettier --config ./prettier.config.js --write 'src/**/*.{js,md,scss,css,jsx}'"
    This script is going to recursively format code (code = files that match the *.{js,md,scss,css,jsx} glob pattern) in your src/ directory with Prettier rules from prettier.config.js file.

An option change proposal

To discuss

You can find current options to discuss at github issues page.