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Publish/Subscribe UMD package

The Publish/Subscribe pattern encourage us to think hard about the relationships between different parts of our application. They also help us identify what layers containing direct relationships which could instead be replaced with sets of subjects and observers. This effectively could be used to break down an application into smaller, more loosely coupled blocks to improve code management and potentials for re-use. ~ Addy Osmani

Getting Publish/Subscribe


npm install --save publish-subscribe-js


yarn add publish-subscribe-js --save


import PublishSubscribe from 'publish-subscribe-js'

// create a function callback to subscribe to topic
const callback = (data, ...args) => {
    // args will store ['TOPIC', data, data_1, data_2, ...]
    console.log(data, args)

PublishSubscribe.subscribe('TOPIC', callback)
PublishSubscribe.publish('TOPIC', data, data_1, data_2, ...)

Add more subscribers to topic

// There are no limits, one TOPIC may store subscribers how many you needed
PublishSubscribe.subscribe('TOPIC', callback)
PublishSubscribe.subscribe('TOPIC', callback_1)
PublishSubscribe.subscribe('TOPIC', callback_2)

// All subscribers will be called

Unsubscribe specific topic

PublishSubscribe.subscribe('TOPIC', callback)

Unsubscribe specific subscriber in topic

const callbackKey = PublishSubscribe.subscribe('TOPIC', callback)
const callback_1Key = PublishSubscribe.subscribe('TOPIC', callback_1)

// Unsubscribe only callback subscriber
PublishSubscribe.unsubscribe('TOPIC', callbackKey)

Unsubscribe all topics



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