Response generation for quinn

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  import quinnRespond from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/quinn-respond';


quinn: respond


respond(body | { statusCode, headers, body })

Create a new QuinnResponse. The body can be a string, a buffer, or a stream. If no body is provided, it defaults to a through stream.

See the test directory for usage examples.



Chainable way to modify res.statusCode.

.header(name, value)

Chainable alternative to .setHeader.


Forward response to node http response.

The minimum requirement for something to be seen as an HTTP response is the presence of a setHeader method.


respond.text(body | { statusCode, headers, body })

Same as respond but sets a text/plain content type.

respond.html(body | { statusCode, headers, body })

Same as respond but sets an text/html content type.

respond.json(data, visitor, indent)

Serialize the data and create an application/json response.