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Radium Documentation

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Documentation site for Radium.

Check out the wiki to learn more about this lander.


To release this lander, please follow the archetype release instructions for our npm version workflow.

When publishing, please make sure to install and use npm@5.6.0 to preserve file timestamp metadata as it is required for our overall website build and versions subsequent to 5.6.0 intentionally destroy this metadata:

$ npm install -g npm@5.6.0
$ npm --version


Prismjs Notes

Prismjs has a very touchy configuration such that if two different versions are installed in node_modules and used, the world breaks with very unhelpful messages like:

TypeError: Cannot read property 'tag' of undefined
    at main:72:6800
    at Object.t.variable.pattern (main:72:8736)
    at t (main:1:352)
    at Object.e.exports (main:68:13737)
    at t (main:1:352)
    at Object.defineProperty.value (main:68:6118)
    at t (main:1:352)
    at Object.defineProperty.value (main:34:21132)
    at t (main:1:352)
    at Object.<anonymous> (main:1:993)

during a webpack build.

Unfortunately, this project imports Prismjs in both root and via react-live. To solve this issue react-live (and spectacle too for the same reasons) pins prism to:

"prismjs": "1.6.0",

... and we do the same in this package as well. For a further discussion, see: