Rasterize .mbtiles vector tiles to PNG raster tiles

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rasterize-vector-tiles converts vector tile sets in .mbtiles SQLite archives to PNG raster tile sets.


  • Reads: Vector tiles (.mbtiles)
    • Reads protobuf .pbf vector tiles
    • Compressed (deflate, gzip) or uncompressed tiles
  • Writes: Raster tiles (.mbtiles)
    • Containing .png data
    • Transparency
    • Configurable property to use for color


rasterize-vector-tiles has command-line options:

$ npx rasterize-vector-tiles
Usage: npx rasterize-vector-tiles <source> <target>

source    Vector tile set in .mbtiles format
target    Raster tile set to be created (.mbtiles)

   --colorprop value    Feature property to use for gray level (0-255), default='value'
   --nodata    255      Colorprop value to interpret as nodata (will not be rendered), default=255
   --antialias none     Control anti-aliasing (none/default/gray/subpixel), default=none
   --zoomlevel 14       Upper limit on zoom level to rasterize (0-99), default=highest in input file
   --png                Export as individual png files rather than .mbtiles archive

Sample workflow

# Rasterize the highest zoom level in source
node rasterize-vector-tiles.js src_vtiles.mbtiles dest_png.mbtiles --colorprop value --nodata 255

# Build all lower zoom levels
gdaladdo -r average gradient.3857.mbtiles 2 4 8 16 32 64 128 256 512 1024 2048