start redux/react app with initial data call

Usage no npm install needed!

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  import reactAppInit from '';


React App Init


npm install react-app-init --save

what ?

React App Init is an opinionated simple way to kick off a react/redux app without any of the weird imperative stuff in your root componentDidMount

how ?

import store from '../store';
import App from './app';
import init from './init';
import { loadData } from '../actions';

init(<App />, { store, init: [loadData] });

React App init will put the store into Provider, and call dispatch on all actions in the init array. You can optionally pass in a renderTarget using something like { store, init: [loadData], renderTarget: document.getElementById('app') }); but if you do not one will be created for you.

why ?

Because I want to remove this boilerplate from my life and think this looks like a much cleaner way to start an app and I like being able to declaritevely show the actions needed to load my app without searching for the root componentDidMount. Inspired by StartApp and the elm architechture.