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Arc animation progress bar drawn by canvas for react component 中文文档,because of the use the React Hook, dependent React version need tobe >= 16.8.0



npm install react-arc-progress -S


import ArcProgress from 'react-arc-progress';

export default class MyArcProgress extends Component {
  state = {
    progress: .782,
    text: '6439.68',
  render() {
    const {progress, text} = this.state;
    return (
        observer={(current) => {
          const { percentage, currentText } = current;
          console.log('observer:', percentage, currentText);
        animationEnd={({ progress, text }) => {
          console.log('animationEnd', progress, text);

Props options

Option type Description
progress number (required) Set progress value, the range is 0 - 1
size number Generate progress bar canvas container, size by default of 200
text string Set the text of progress bar
arcStart number Start point of the arc, specific usage see below
arcEnd number End point of the arc, specific usage see below
thickness number Set the thickness of the arc progress bar
fillThickness number Set the thickness of the arc progress bar fill content,the default value is same as with thickness param when this option is not set
emptyColor string Set the color of the empty part for the arc progress bar
fillColor string or object Set the style of the fill part for the arc progress bar, specific usage see below.
lineCap string Set the style at the end of the arc progress bar, there are three optional values, namely butt, round, square. The default value is round
speed number Set the animation speed threshold, ranging from -100 to 100, default is 0
animation boolean or number The duration of the animation in milliseconds. When the value is false, there is no transitional animation
textStyle object Set the style of text, specific usage see below
customText array Custom Text Contents, specific usage see below
animationEnd function Callback at the end of progress bar animation
onError function Catch the error callback
observer function Callback to observer progress bar animation changes

Options Description

arcStart and arcEnd

The start point and end point of the arc are marked as show in the picture, direction is clockwise. If you want to draw a circular progress bar, you can set arcStart to 90, arcEnd to 270. Or if you want to draw a semicircle, you can set arcStart'to180', arcEnd to 360. Start and end angles can be adjusted as needed.


fillColor is the progress bar color of the filled part, which can be passed in as its defined color(for example #ffee3c). If want used the gradient, the option need to be set to the object type, such as {gradient: [color 1, color2, color 2]}, it will be have three colors of the radial gradients. If you want use image filled, you need to set the option to the object type, the format is {image: url}, and the url is address of the picture.


Set the style of the text content, which needs to be the object type. The optional content is as follows

Name Type Description
size string The text size, for example 18px
color string The text color, for example #fa0556
font string The text font-family, for example Microsoft YaHei
x number X-axis of text position
y number Y-axis of text position

customText option to custom the some text contents, It is an array type. You can define more than one text. Each usage is consistent with the textStyle option, but it have one more item is text, this is used show you definition text content.

Name Type Description
text string Set the text content
others Other parameters are same as with the usage of textStyle