A React component for picking colorscales based on Chroma.js

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React colorscales 🌈

A React UI component for picking and modifying colorscales, based on Chroma-js.

Part of Plotly's React Component Suite for building data visualization Web apps and products.



👉 Demo source code

👉 Wrapper for Dash apps (Python)


npm install react-colorscales

yarn add react-colorscales

🚗 Quick Start

import {Colorscale} from 'react-colorscales';
import ColorscalePicker from 'react-colorscales';

const viridisColorscale = ['#fafa6e', '#9cdf7c', '#4abd8c', '#00968e', '#106e7c', '#2a4858'];

// Show a single colorscale

    onClick={() => {}}

// Show the colorscale picker



Colorscale component

<Colorscale /> generates a single color scale palette:

prop Description
onClick Function to be called when colorscale is clicked.
colorscale Colorscale as an array of color strings (HEX or RGB). See Quick Start above.
width Optional: Width of an individual color swatch. Defaults to 20px.
maxWidth Optional: Maximum width of colorscale palette. If set, maxWidth overrides swatch width.
label Optional: Label positioned on the left side of color scale palette

ColorscalePicker component

<ColorscalePicker /> generates a UI panel for selecting a color scale palette:

prop Description
onChange Passes back a new color scale when a scale is chosen or modified.
colorscale Default colorscale as an array of color strings (HEX or RGB). See Quick Start above.
nSwatches Optional: Number of discrete colors or "swatches" in the default color scale.
fixSwatches Optional: If set to true, hides the swatches slider and fixes swatches to `nSwatches.
colorscaleType Optional: If set, sets ColorPicker Dropdown to specific colorscale, one of COLORSCALE_TYPES
width Optional: Can set width of component
className Optional: Can add className to base level component
disableSwatchControls Optional: Does not show swatch related controls in ColorPicker
scaleLength Optional: Can specify the lengh of the Colorscales used in the ColorPicker

See the demo app source code for an example of importing and using these components.


  • Preloaded with ColorBrewer, cmocean, and cube helix color scales
  • Log color scales
  • Set custom scale breakpoints
  • Set the number of discrete colors ("swatches") in a color scale




  • Cynthia Brewer's ColorBrewer colorscales
  • Kristen Thyng's cmocean color scales
  • Dave Green's cube helix color scales
  • Gregor Aisch's chroma-js for easy access to the aforementioned color scales in JavaScript.