Easy Web3, Metamask and WalletConnect integration package. HOC and custom hook to manage wallet address, connection and signature.

Usage no npm install needed!

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react-dapp-web3 is a simply library for handling Metamask and WalletConnect providers and make the use of Web3 easier through the application. The library put at disposal the following methods: connect(), disconnect() -WalletConnect only- and signMessage(msgToSign). You can also access to isWalletConnected: boolean, walletAddress: string, chainId: number, isInitialized: boolean and web3 instance for Smart Contract communication.


yarn add react-dapp-web3
npm install react-dapp-web3


InfuraId for WalletConnect

WalletConnect needs the InfuraId. Create a .env file in your project and add the following enviroment variable REACT_APP_INFURA_ID=<your-infuraid>.

Import ContextProvider for wrapping your app

import { Web3ContextProvider } from "react-dapp-web3";
import Layout from "./components/Layout";

function App(): JSX.Element {
    return (
        <div className="App">
                <Layout />

export default App;

High Order Component

import { withWeb3 } from "react-dapp-web3";
import { BrowserRouter as Router, Switch, Route } from "react-router-dom";
import Navbar from "../Navbar";

const Layout = (): JSX.Element => {
    return (
                <Route exact path={"/"} component={withWeb3(Navbar)} />

export default Layout;
import { IWithWeb3 } from "react-dapp-web3";

const Navbar = ({ web3Data }: IWithWeb3): JSX.Element => {
    const { isWalletConnected, walletAddress, chainId, web3, connect, disconnect, signMessage } = web3Data;


import { useWeb3 } from "react-dapp-web3";

const Navbar = (): JSX.Element => {
    const { isWalletConnected, walletAddress, chainId, web3, connect, disconnect, signMessage } = useWeb3();


All types are in types folder.


Feel free to contribute. All suggestions to help improve this library are welcome.


If you like the library and you want to support the development - please consider to donate. Any donations are greatly appreciated :D !!

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