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A tiny CLI wrapper around react-docgen-typescript.


npm i react-docgen-typescript @types/react react-docgen-typescript-cli typescript --save-dev

# yarn
yarn add react-docgen-typescript @types/react react-docgen-typescript-cli typescript --dev

react-docgen-typescript, @types/react, and typescript are all peer dependencies of this package.


The main intended usage of this module is via CLI.

# See the help docs
npx react-docgen-typescript-cli --help

# Glob patterns are supported
# Write each file out to a directory with -d, or --out-dir
npx react-docgen-typescript-cli ./src/**/* -d ./out

# Filter extensions with -x
npx react-docgen-typescript-cli ./src/**/* -x tsx -d ./out

# Full globbing goodness is supported
npx react-docgen-typescript-cli ./src/**/*.{ts,tsx}

# Concat all doclets into a single file
npx react-docgen-typescript-cli ./src/**/* -o ./out/doclet/files.json

Any custom options that you want to pass to react-docgen-typescript can be done through options:

  React Docgen Typescript Options:
  --config                            Path to your tsconfig.json. By default the
                                      script will look in the current working
                                      directory to find the tsconfig    [string]
  --skip-props-without-doc            Skip props without doc
                                                      [boolean] [default: false]
  --skip-props-with-name              Skip the specified list of props without
                                      doc                                [array]
  --skip-components-with-name         Skip the components with the specified
                                      name                               [array]
  --extract-values-from-union         Convert unions to docgen enum format
  --remove-undefined-from-optional    If set, types with optional will not
                                      display "| undefined" in the type[boolean]
  --extract-literal-values-from-enum  Convert enums and unions to docgen enum
                                      format          [boolean] [default: false]
  --save-value-as-string              Save default value props as strings
                                      regardless of type
                                                      [boolean] [default: false]