configure antd theme dynamically in create-react-app 2.0 use customize-cra

Usage no npm install needed!

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configure antd theme dynamically in create-react-app 2.0 use customize-cra

fork from react-app-rewire-antd-theme


npm install --save-dev react-dynamic-antd-theme


just add a file config-overrides.js in root directory and add following code in it. You either need to provide variables less file or variables object.

const path = require("path");
const customizeCra = require("customize-cra");
const dynamicAntdTheme = require("react-dynamic-antd-theme");
const { override, useEslintRc, useBabelRc } = customizeCra;

const options = {
  stylesDir: path.join(__dirname, "./src/styles"),
  antDir: path.join(__dirname, "./node_modules/antd"),
  varFile: path.join(__dirname, "./src/styles/variables.less"),
  mainLessFile: path.join(__dirname, "./src/styles/index.less"),
  themeVariables: ["@primary-color"],
  indexFileName: "index.html",
  generateOnce: false,
  publicPath: "" // e.g. in case you are hosting at gh-pages `` then you can add `/project` here
module.exports = override(

Default paths for various files are as in above snippet but you can override by passing your own values. themeVariables is required field (if you want to generate color.less file for Dynamic theme) and it's an array of color variable names that you want to configure for Dynamic theme e.g. ['@primary-color', '@secondry-color'] Here are two color specified in array. First one is Ant Design specific and other is our custom one. You can use Ant Design color variables as well as your own custom variables as in above example.

Note: generateOnce: false

By default this option is set as false which means that on each compilation, color.less file will be generated for dynamic theming but if you want you make your build/compilation process fast, you can disable color.less file generation on each compilation by setting this parameter to trueand it will only be generated on first compilation/build. But if you have changes in your styles/less then you need to restart your compilation process npm start to generate color.less with updated changes.


  • getLessVars(filePath)

This function reads a less file and create an object with keys as variable names and values as variables respective values. e.g. variabables.less

@primary-color : #1890ff;
@heading-color : #fa8c16;
@text-color : #cccccc;


  '@primary-color' : '#1890ff',
  '@heading-color' : '#fa8c16',
  '@text-color' : '#cccccc'
  • isValidColor(color)

This method takes color string as input and return true if string is a valid color otherwise returns false with one exception that if a color matches this regex /colorPalette|fade/g it will return true e.g.

isValidColor('#ffffff'); //true
isValidColor('#fff'); //true
isValidColor('rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.5)'); //true
isValidColor('20px'); //false