Simple hoc to provide a/b-test features.

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A/B-test components with a simple hoc

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withExperiment(experiment-name, [options])(Component)


Name Description Type Default
persistent Wheter the experiment should be persistant for sesions. -1 evaluate on every render, 0 evaluate on every session, 1 evaluate once. int 1
autoPlay Auto play experiment on render bool false
fallbackName Name of the fallback variation if fetch fails string 'original'
propPrefix Prefix for the prop names passed to BaseComponent string null
onFetch Fetch method returns variations of the given experiment function Promise.resolve([])
onPlay Trigger play function Promise.resolve()
onWin Trigger win function Promise.resolve()
setCookie Set cookie method function js-cookie.set
getCookie Get cookie method function js-cookie.get


import { ExperimentContext, withExperiment } from 'react-experiment-hoc';

// App
const App = () => (
    <ExperimentProvider options={experimentOptions}>
        <p>This app is running experiments!</p>
        <ExperimentBtn />

// Original component
const Btn = ({experimentWin,experimentVariant: v}) => (
    <button style={{
            opacity: !v ? 0 : 1,
            background: v === 'green-cta' ? 'green' : '',
        PRESS ME!

// Apply the experiments
const ExperimentBtn = withExperiment('new-cta-colors', {
    autoPlay: true

render(<App />, document.getElementById("root"));